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Each bottle is 4-5 cocktails

All 750 ml bottles are a $100 donation with a $20 delivery charge.

You can also choose the option to pick up your order at my Playa Vista location.

Bottled Cocktails

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To ensure same day delivery, you can pay a premium charge of $50.


Seasonal Cocktails

Never Let me Go – Cynar, cassis and espresso

A Walk in the Weeds – Stinging Nettle infused bourbon with fresh grapefruit juice

Candy Cap bourbon with blood orange and red wine

Guava and curry leaf old fashioned

Guava infused mezcal with fresh blood orange

Coffee Cynar Milkshake

Omakase – tell me the flavors that you like and let me create something for you

New 16 oz bottles available for $75 with EYD classics

Roquette – Gin with wild arugula

Health Kick – Mezcal, Aquavit and fresh celery juice and salt

Italian Greyhound – Cappelletti with fresh passion fruit

Kentucky Bubblebath – Rye, Cynar and lavender tea

Tackle box – Ogo seaweed infused Bourbon, Cynar and Dolin Blanc

Mother Mary – a 17 ingredient bloody mary

Seasonal Bites

Home made tiramisu – $10

Uni shooters – $15

Mixed Citrus bowl infused with all spice liqueur – $15

Cheese board – $85