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Each bottle is 4-5 cocktails

All 750 ml bottles are $100 per bottle with a $20 delivery charge.

You can also choose the option to pick up your order at my Playa Vista location.

Bottled Cocktails

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Gray Whale Gin or Kastra Elion Vodka with wild arugula

Breeders Cup

Gin, cucumber and beet horseradish

Never Let Me Go

Cynar, cassis and fresh blood orange

Health Kick

Mezcal, Krogstad Aquavit, Celery Juice and hand picked salt from Yucatán


Home made Pimms with mint

Sage Heaven

Stinging Nettle infused Nankai Shochu, raspberries, sage and ginger juice

Kentucky Bubble Bath

Bourbon, Lavender Tea, Cynar

Seasonal Treats

Saffron infused Acre Mezcal, red bell pepper and parsley

Lion’s Mane Mushroom whiskey Manhattan

Stinging nettle infused nankai shochu

Omakase – Tell me what kind of flavors you like and I will create something special for you

Create your own seasonal infusion

Garnishes Available upon Request

Next Week Special

Ogo seaweed infused Tequila with tomatoes and chamomile

Coming Soon

Ume plum infused tequila with cucumber and shiso

Passion fruit beer $25 a bottle