A Taste of 2020’s Cocktail Program with

Matthew Biancaniello


Our “Liquid Chef Mixologist” is out to curate an outstanding cocktail program for ChefDance 2020,  and it’s all out of love for craft cocktails paired with unique courses. Matthew infuses his passion for culinary arts with his expertise in crafting classic libations to a create a memorable experience for each ChefDance guest.


Eat Your Drink and Matthew Biancaniello presents a month long residency.


From Nov 13- Dec 20th at No 10 Restaurant in West Hollywood at 8436 W
3rd St from 5-10pm.


Please check my Instagram @eatyourdrink weekly for
what days I’ll be there.


Thank you so much and look forward to creating a unique experience for you!

Private Parties

I do small intimate events to large weddings and will travel to anywhere you need me to be.

Private liquid dinners

This is a unique experience of a 8-12 course liquid tasting menu for up to 12 guests.

Private Spirit Tastings

A high end private tasting of unique and rare spirits for up to 6 guests.