At the beginning of 2019

I met a woman at a wellness event where I was serving my stinging nettle infused gin and fresh blood orange juice cocktail. Pretty soon after, we began texting and sharing our love for food. She was very interested in my craft and loved what I did. She said something to me that immediately interrupted a major pattern in me that changed my life forever. She said, “ Everything you do with all of these incredible and natural ingredients and the care you put into sourcing them, your weight seems to be off brand with it all. “
Normally something like this would have sent me into a tailspin of anxiety and self-hatred, especially from a beautiful woman but it had the adverse effect. Her words and her voice and my perception of who she was penetrated me in such a profound way that I immediately took action to change it. Eight months later, I have lost over 35 pounds and feel incredible. It is this shift in my health that has made me more passionate about my wellbeing and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with anyone who is interested. I love showing people how you can maximize your energy and your life with the power of the liquid form.

The liquid form is the most powerful form in the food world in my opinion. Like my friend, the great chef Roberto Cortez once said to me, “did you ever notice that the juice of a cooked steak has so much more flavor than the actual steak.” All of those flavors that marinate and drip into that juice make those flavors explode with intensity. And when you add alcohol to the equation and dealing with high proof solutions, you are able to trap even more layers of flavor that you can’t just get into a food dish. And this is why I am in love with the liquid form whether it has alcohol or not.

Our bodies are made up of over 80% of water, so it also makes sense to nourish your body with as many liquids in a day as possible.

Here is my current repertoire of waters I imbibe in one day upon rising until I go to sleep.

8 oz
of water with fresh lemon juice with one chewable B12 tablet
8 oz
of waterwith Laird's Activate
8 oz
of organic coffee with tsp of monkfruit sugar, tsp of organic unrefined coconut oil, tsp of Bulletproof's MCT oil and a tsp of Lairds Tumeric creamer
8 oz
of water with with Lairds Hydrate
8 oz
of water with Spirulina
8 oz
of water with Trace Minerals
8 oz
of Stinging Nettle Tea (optional)
8 oz
of Chaga Tea (optional)
After completing the water with trace minerals repeat the first 5 steps

And here are the current supplements I take on a daily basis:

Turkey tail mushroom
Bio- K probiotic
Reishi mushroom
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Oregano oil